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Pakistan’s most reliable property business, Athar Associates, aims to provide great property deals at attractive prices. Our goal not only remains to deal in properties and real estate but also to help our customer find the best possible solution according to his needs. To achieve this, we wish to educate our customers about the vast possibilities and facilities of amazing housing projects like Bahria Town. Our business has been providing customers with the best possible housing solutions and the relevant information regarding Bahria Town Karachi.
The reason for our association with Bahria Town is because of our dedication to our customers and our goal to provide only the best for them. We have been approached by thousands of doubtful and confused customers and every time, we have successfully guided them and turned them into our loyal customers. Our top priority has always been comfort, ease, and affordable prices for the customer. So, that’s why our company has strong work ethics about giving advice and guiding the customers to what’s best for them.
Bahria Town is the most popular housing project in the country and rightfully so, we believe! Among other facilities and benefits of Bahria Town, the residents have the luxury to enjoy top-notch security, clean and maintained parks, and various types of apartments and homes ranging from luxurious to average fitting your needs and budget! Whatever you need, whether it is to go to the hospital or to the mall, you can find everything within the walls of Bahria Town. Aside from places that meet your necessities, you have the Cine Gold Cinema, Bahria Grand Hotel and Resort, Bahria Town Dancing Fountain, and much more for the sake of your enjoyment! It is quite understandable why Bahria Town is the most sought-after housing scheme in the country and that’s why we want to help you to be there right now! Athar Associates is here to help you negotiate and arrange the prices you want with the owners.
Besides all of this, Bahria Town has its own Sports City where residents can let the fun and adventure take over. It is the perfect place to relax and let go of your worldly troubles. Filled with numerous sports facilities to entertain you to your heart’s content, the Sports City is the perfect getaway for the weekend! Contact us now to know more about the amazing facilities of this housing scheme!
Cleanliness and maintenance are all taken very seriously at Bahria Town and although they seem like something that is not going to affect you much, it does. It is easily an important deciding factor when it comes to choosing your home location. You won’t find better deals than what we, Athar Associates, offer you!
Being one of the most trusted dealers of Bahria Town, our promise to get you the best house location-wise and based on your wishes, falls nothing short of a guarantee! So, come and buy a house in the best housing scheme in the country!
Bahria Town is easily the best project in the country and has gained much popularity due to that. Due to its attractive and affordable rates, there is a vast number of people jumping at getting their hands on one of their many houses and apartments.
Moreover, the various projects within Bahria Town like Bahria Sports City and Bahria Paradise Karachi are adding more value to the housing scheme and are just some of the reasons why people are flocking to shift there. And these are just a few of the facilities residents have access to. There are more projects to come and the future of Bahria Town is looking good!
As more and more people are running to buy houses and properties at attractive prices, it is understandable that Bahria Town is going to prosper. After all, getting access to the various luxuries and amenities provided by Bahria Town is something you don’t get every day!
So, what is your move now? Bahria Town is clearly destined to flourish but what about you? Contact us now and get an amazing deal for one of the biggest and luxurious housing schemes in Pakistan!